Flatwoods Monster is one of the entries in 5 Alien Creatures Left Behind on Earth.

Entry DescriptionEdit

As night fell over Braxton County, West Virginia on September 12, 1952, a group of young boys watched a burning craft streak through the sky and crash into the hillside.

The boys headed for the site, gathering other children and several adults along the way.

Moving through the trees, the group began to walk through a pungent, burning mist as they came upon a large pulsating "ball of fire."

One of the boys turned a flashlight toward two small lights near the object, revealing a tall creature with a spade-shaped face and dark robes.

The creature hissed and glided toward the group, sending them scattering.

When they returned later with the local sheriff, the creature was gone, though "there was a sickening, burnt, metallic odor still prevailing."

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