Hopkinsville Goblins is one of the entries in 5 Alien Creatures Left Behind on Earth.

Entry DescriptionEdit

In rural Kentucky, it's common to go outside to fetch water from a well, but on this night in August 1955, Billy Ray Taylor found himself looking up rather than down- right at a flying saucer.

An hour later, strange sounds started to rattle his home and the faces of small creatures began to pop up at windows and doors.

The creatures were silver with an atrophied bodily shape, and they moved with an ephermal gait, appearing to float mid-air.

A terrified Taylor shot at the goblin-like creatures with no effect, and they eventually vanished into the night.

Though blamed on horned owls, the Hopkinsville incident is still considered one of the most credible extraterrestrial sightings due to the number of witnesses and the accuracy with which they corroborated their stories, even years later.

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