Ravenmocker is one of the entries in 5 Most Terrifying Creatures That Visit You In Your Sleep.

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In the folklore of the Native American Cherokee tribe, the Ravenmocker (Ka'lunu Ahyeliski) is the most feared of all wizards and witches for they are known to visit the sick or dying at night to rob them of life.

A Ravenmocker will fly through the air in a fiery shape, making a raven-like cry as it descends upon the house of its victim.

Outside, he will find others of his kind, taken invisible, waiting for the chance to enter and torment the sick man inside until he dies.

Once inside they frighten the man, lifting him and throwing him on the floor while his friends only seeing a dying man struggling for breath and when death comes, the witches eat the man's heart, adding to their lives the time taken from his. 

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